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Trips Out

If you’d like to go somewhere different, see something new, take a look at the trips on offer here – but remember to book early, these places go fast.


Into dance, drama, beauty or craft …. These are the types of activities you’ll find here. If you’re the artistic type and like making or designing things, try out some of the stuff we’ve got for you.


Have fun and stay healthy with loads of different sports activities, either indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re into team activities with your mates or want to go it alone with sports like fishing, horse riding or indoor climbing, this is the one for you.


Like a bit of a laugh with team games, inflatables and maybe a barbeque thrown in as well (as long as it doesn’t rain too hard !!!) – why not go along to one of the fun days local to you.


Like being outside – ever thought of kayaking or mountain walking or fancy a boot camp experience. Take a look at what’s on offer here.


Want to do something worthwhile and maybe even finish off with something to show for what you’ve achieved? Why not try for a Sports Leader Qualification or National non-contact Boxing Award?


Want to join something different, that’ll maybe keep you busy outside of the summer holidays? Why not consider a new club, be part of a group that does some great activities and will also help you make new friends.

New Stuff

If you like to do something new, something you’ve not had the chance to do before. What about things like parkour (free running) or archery – take a look here to see what’s available.

I've enjoyed it because I’ve made loads of new friends, it's a good summer camp and I’ve enjoyed it because there’s been loads of people and loads of games to play.