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The Staffordshire Space Program 2024: Funded Summer Activities And Space Champion

As the summer holidays approach, excitement is building across Staffordshire for the launch of the Space Program 2024, set to commence fully on the 29th of July with an opening event on the 26th of July at Hanley Park. This initiative aims to offer a wide array of funded events for children aged 8-17, providing them with enriching experiences, fun activities, and a positive environment during the summer break. The program’s goal is not only to entertain but also to foster personal development and reduce antisocial behaviour among young people.

Amy Nolan, Space Champion!

One of the most inspiring success stories from the Space Program is that of Amy Nolan, now a 19-year-old; Amy is a local boxer who has become the program’s latest Champion. Amy’s journey with the Space Program began in 2018 when she attended her first summer session at the Stafford Right Stuff Boxing Gym. Having joined the Right Stuff Project nine months earlier, Amy quickly became involved in the program, which played a crucial role in her life during a challenging period.

At the age of 13, Amy confided in her coach, Andy Whitehall MBE, about the difficulties she was facing at home. Thanks to the support provided by the Space Program and the Right Stuff Boxing Gym, Amy was able to move to a safer environment and receive additional help. Her participation in the program was a turning point, allowing her to work towards her national boxing qualifications and develop a sense of purpose and belonging.

Amy Returned To Space

In 2019, Amy returned to the Space Program, this time as a trainee boxing tutor. Her dedication and passion led her to become a member of the Right Stuff Coaching team, where she delivered training to over 100 young people. Despite her improving circumstances, Amy revealed that she was battling an eating disorder, a consequence of her earlier traumatic experiences. The support she received from the Space Program was instrumental in her recovery and growth.

Amy’s commitment to the Space Program has been unwavering. Every summer, she has returned to help hundreds of young people experience the program’s benefits—a safe, happy environment where they can learn new skills, get fit, and feel supported. Her unique life experiences, coupled with trauma-informed practice and mental health support training, have equipped her with the skills to connect with and support other young people facing similar challenges.

What The Future Holds

Amy’s boxing career has flourished, with over 45 contests under her belt. In 2023, she won a Youth National Title and represented England, triumphing at the Box Am Tournament in Spain. Alongside her sporting achievements, Amy is excelling academically, studying A-level Chemistry, Mathematics, and Psychology. She also passed her driving test and is looking forward to leading sessions independently during Space 2024. Her long-term goals include joining Team GB, attending university, and competing in the Olympics.

A Real Achievement!

Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire & Rescue, and Crime, Ben Adams, expressed his delight at having Amy as a Space Champion. He said, “Amy embodies everything we aim to achieve from the Space program, and we are proud to have played a small part in helping her achieve her dreams.

Space is all about providing an opportunity for Staffordshire Police and partners to engage with young people who may be going through a difficult time to help nurture, support, and develop them. Hearing Amy’s story confirms that Space is making a real difference in the lives of our young people, and I hope to hear many more stories of growth and determination. Having Amy championing Space can only be positive for the program.”

Reflecting on her journey, Amy remarked, “Space has been a big part of my life every summer; in fact, it’s been life-changing. It set me on a different path of hope and self-worth. I love coaching and being able to give to others what it gave to me.”

Space 2024

The Space Program 2024 promises to continue this legacy of positive impact, offering young people across Staffordshire the chance to engage in meaningful activities, develop new skills, and build lasting relationships. With inspiring figures like Amy Nolan leading the way, the program is set to make a significant difference in the lives of many more young people this summer.

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